​​Our collection is an approach toward a sustainable future of fashion. Each piece is made using deadstock materials, local production and is designed to be styled in seemingly endless ways.

Deadstock fabrics are purchased in the US

Here at Garnish we always stay the course towards sustainable and ethical practices - from selecting high-quality sustainable fabrics to transparency in the supply chain. By using deadstock fabrics we save items from ending up as waste in the environment and releasing toxic chemicals into our waterways.

Timeless design

At Garnish we encourage our clients to choose pieces that really highlight them, are flattering on their shapes, and are not super trendy.  The result of these thoughtful choices is that when our clients clean out their closets their Garnish pieces are coveted, while other pieces are discarded. We hear that time and time again from our clients. Our styles have been created to last for several seasons and can be mixed and worn in many ways, so they can be used more. Furthermore, we provide you with additional product care tips in our blog posts, so you can further extend the life of each beloved item. 

 Sustainability at Garnish

Local production

There are a lot of advantages to supporting your local businesses. Clothes that have been produced locally are better for the environment, the local economy, and the transparency of the product. Garnish locally made clothing is high quality and unique. We produce much fewer pieces compared to big fashion houses. We cut out all the shipping and transportation of the clothes from one country to another across oceans, and that is a major win for the environment.

Here at Garnish we only work with in house seamstresses and local contract seamstresses. We keep high standards for the working conditions and the wages workers are paid.

Using clean energy for studio and shop

Using clean, renewable energy is one of the most important actions we can take to reduce our impact on the environment. We use clean energy to generate the power needed for our studio and shop.

Recycle fabric scraps

We like saving scraps of fabric from our sewing. They usually come in handy for other projects such as scarves or our scarflette earrings. However, there is a point when a scrap is just too small to be worth saving. In this case we recycle fabric scraps with Ridwell.

Minimal packaging

At Garnish we embrace simplicity along with creativity to come up with an attractive and minimalistic packaging design. Minimal packaging helps in reducing material use, leading to reduced product cost. We only give out bags and tissue when needed and thereby reduce waste.