Meet Erica & her team!  We are the smiling faces that you trust to help you evolve your style, feel your best, and be the person you want to be.  When you enter the shop you will be greeted with a smile, offered a glass of wine or cup of joe, and treated like you belong with the best dressed humans on earth.

We are a small, but mighty team, each of us complementing one another in a way that makes the team wonderfully complete. As the founder and designer of Garnish, Erica is the outstanding vision behind the garments that you see in the shop. Lead Stylist, Paul, has the amazing ability of making every customer that walks in look fabulous in an instant.  Shuna is the genius behind the sewing machines, meticulously crafting your pieces. Together, we make Garnish what it is.

And now that you have met us, we simply can't wait to meet you!

Erica Lurie:  Designer, Owner, Idea Machine

The 3 things you would take on a desert island with you: Gwendolyn, Everett, and Honey Bunny.  I guess we’d be stuck then. 

If you want to make my day you should: Make the sun shine.

I wish more people would: Love their bodies.  I always say that it's not what your body looks like, it's what it can do for you. 

My favorite body part: My legs, because they allow me to explore and are a physical embodiment of my strength.