Where To Rock Your Garnish - The Outdoors Edition

Where To Rock Your Garnish - The Outdoors Edition

Yes ladies it's true - every now and then, your Garnish can double as active wear. Seeing as we're based in a city with an endless bounty of outdoor activity and scenery, it was only fitting that we make pieces versatile enough to actually enjoy it in. 

Now of course, when we say "outdoors" we use the phrase a little loosely. Light hikes, strolls through the forest and casual exercise will work just fine. If you're roughing it out in the Amazon Rainforest or scaling Mount Rainier, we'd suggest going the Patagonia route.

One of our favorite combos - the Signe jogger and the Erin hoodie - ended up accompanying Erica on her recent trip to Utah. She rocked this look as she took in the beautiful sights of national parks ranging from Canyonlands, Deadhorse to the famous Arches. While doing so, she perfectly balanced both comfort and style. 

comfy versatile black jogger pants

Heading out to the coast? There are few sights more beautiful than the sea, and luckily for those coming from Portland, the beach is only an hour and a half away. There's plenty to do in terms of outdoor activity, whether it be a hike through Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach or a toasty bonfire.

For the latter, we recommend a breezy sweater perfect for taking in the coastal view. Make your s'mores and sing your campfire songs in style with the beach chic Lexi. On days when the ocean breeze really kicks, layer the Scarlet top underneath, slip on the Signe and finish it all off with a scarf

For casual hikes with the kids, our Scarlet top is another easy contender. If it's warmer out and you'd prefer short sleeves, we recommend the Butter Tee by Commando (we only have a few of these left, so make sure to get them while they're still here!)

Leggings will take you far in the outdoors. We've got Commando's Perfect Control Legging in the shop, perfect for taking you from the trail all the way back to the tavern. Their fit is also impeccable, which isn't surprising seeing as we feel that way about all of their leggings and are thoroughly obsessed with them (especially the Faux Leather Leggings - not ideal for exercise but they're pretty darn cute!) 

f you're leaning more towards a classic pair of shorts, look no further than the Celeste. These bermudas are lightweight and breathable, perfect for casual strolls while taking in some scenery. Available in three fun colorways, you're sure to be the most stylish lady on the trail. We recommend pairing with the Butter tee, Scarlet top or Lexi sweater (as shown below, minus the glitz.)

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