Where To Rock Your Garnish - The Errands Edition

Where To Rock Your Garnish - The Errands Edition

Sydney and Danielle on the go

We're back with another round of Where To Rock Your Garnish, this time with a theme that we're sure is relevant to just about all of our customers. Today, we're covering what to wear while running some good old fashioned errands.

Grocery run? Picking up the kids from soccer practice? Post office drop off? Errands are a fact of life and more often than not, it's easier to just grab whatever is closest and comfiest in terms of what to wear. But who says errands have to be drabby? Here at Garnish, one of our strongest philosophies is that fashion can elevate mood (and basically life in general) in an instant. Sure, daily errands can be a bit of a bore but that doesn't mean your clothing has to be! 

Luckily for the style conscious busy bee, our latest S/S collection is designed to be just as cozy it is cute. There's also a good amount of intertwinement amongst the pieces, meaning many of them go just as perfectly together as they do on their own. Mix and match to your heart's desire and watch as your style game is effortlessly elevated at the same time. 

To begin - our Sydney jumpsuit is a one and done deal. Simply throw her on and you're out the door in an instant, feeling comfortable and looking pretty darn cute all at the same time. Go from the grocery store to lunch with girlfriends in this versatile piece or step off the airplane and right into your planned activities the next time you go traveling (Erica literally did this when flying to Florida last month - she wore this jumpsuit for over 13 hours of travel!) 

Are you more of a hoodie kind of gal? The Erin Hoodie is the perfect elevated basic. Perfect for throwing on right as you're running out the door, we could see this working over any cozy loungewear that you've already got on for your days off. The stylish wrap at the bottom also allows you to wear her in multiple ways, making her just as versatile as she is practical.

A pair of joggers that are actually cute and probably one of the coziest pieces you'll ever wear? Yes, friends, it's possible and we've got them right here in the form of the Signe jogger. You could literally go straight from bed to a morning coffee run or dog walk in these and still look put together. With an insanely cozy brushed back lining that feels like a lightweight fleece, these will make any errands you have planned a whole lot easier (dare we say, you may even look forward to them?!)

A piece that we love pairing with the Signe jogger that just also happens to be great for everyday errands is the Scarlet top. This piece has been a core collection item for years and is a tried and true, must-have basic. Go from brunch to yoga in this piece, pick up your dry cleaning, drop the kids off at school and then head straight to a coffee get together....... the possibilities are all yours in the Scarlet. 

Available in multiple colorways, the Scarlet is also a super easy way to add some print and flare into your everyday look (all without sacrificing comfort.) You could wear her on her own with the Signe while heading down to the nail salon, or throw over the Erin Hoodie if the morning temps during your dog walk call for some extra layers.

Speaking of wardrobe staples......our next highlight is the Shelby sweater. Made out of a soft and stretchy rayon/ lycra knit, this is another easy piece that you can just throw on and go. And not only is she cozy, but she's also conveniently sleek. With draping and fit in all the right places, this piece will style up your basics with ease. 

Last but not least, we've got our Ruth cardigan. Long, neutral and classic, this knit piece can be thrown over just about anything as you're running off to your next destination. It feels like a blanket and has the look of a fashion forward cardigan. And as you can see, it also matches perfectly with another contender on our list - the jumpsuit! Consider the Ruth to be your new favorite cozy companion for whatever errands the day throws at you. 

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