Where To Rock Your Garnish - The Brunch Edition

Where To Rock Your Garnish - The Brunch Edition

We’re excited to introduce a new continuous series to this blog -
Where To Rock Your Garnish.

A common question women have when contemplating a purchase is “Where would I wear this?” We’re here to make that answer easier for you!

Each new post will highlight a common event, outing or gathering that women of all ages go to. We will then offer curated outfit suggestions based off what that event is. Just think of it as a super condensed, virtual stylist appointment!

oday’s theme will be one that I and many other fellow PDX foodies are thoroughly obsessed with - brunch

Here in Portland, we’re very lucky to have an awesome brunch scene. Ranging from Mother’s Bistro to my current favorite, Screen Door (pictured above)there’s no shortage of tasty late morning treats here in the City of Roses.

Breakfast sandwich and the “Butterhorn” pastry at Lovejoy Bakers - so yummy!

Other favorites include Isabel’s and Lovejoy Bakers, both located conveniently in the Pearl District. Definitely check them out the next time you’re in the area!

While brunch is a fantastic outing on its own (because who doesn’t love sleeping in and enjoying breakfast?), it can easily turn into a full-blown gathering with family and friends alike. Perhaps your friends want to have a Girl’s Morning Out at that new spot around the corner or you’re having celebratory bottomless mimosas with coworkers. When brunch becomes more of an actual event, it’s time to dress accordingly. Click on each image to shop the look!


While brunch is generally thought of as a late, lazy start to the morning, the attire shouldn’t necessarily reflect it. Aim for a more polished, “casual glam” look instead.

Our Darwin and Nyssa pant achieve the job effortlessly, with a fitted appearance and a stylishly scrunchable bottom. A jogger pant is an easy way to feel like you’re still in your pajamas but actually look put together. 

Sneakers complement them gorgeously, but ankle boots will polish them up in an instant.

The best part of joggers? The elastic waist will keep you comfortable even after you’ve eaten your body weight’s worth of home fries. As a food and fashion enthusiast that knows first hand the perils of this combination, I can definitely attest to the importance of this.

Looking to glam things up a bit more? Opt for a soft jersey or rayon dress that you can easily dress up or down. The comfortable fabrics will once again ensure that you can feast and stay fashionable at the same time. Our Dahlia dress in particular has an adjustable tie waist that you loosen as you get fuller.

Depending on the formality of your brunch, these dresses can be accessorized to look nicer and be more event appropriate. And if your brunch isn’t that fancy, wearing them in their simplicity is a great way to reflect a laidback yet luxe aesthetic.

And there you have it! Enjoy your coffee and eggs in style with one of the versatile picks above. The next time brunch is on your agenda, don't forget to rock your Garnish!

Posted by Sydney Woolery

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