Trends: Love 'em or leave 'em?

Trends: Love 'em or leave 'em?

Spring Trends
Trends: love them or leave them?  Not so fast, we say. There is a very healthy middle ground to be found.  I have never been someone to live and die by the trends, it's too much work, too wasteful, and well, trendy.  With that said, I do often look to them for inspiration and I do a bit of picking and choosing.  Here are some things I ask myself: 
  • Does this trend feel like something that excites me, that I would WANT to wear, both now and in the future? 
  • Will the pieces have staying power in my wardrobe instead of feeling "so last year"?
  • Are these colors that look good on me?  
  • Does the trending silhouette flatter my figure? 
  • Are there items that I already have in my closet that resemble what is trending.  Maybe it's time to dust them off and style them in a fresh new way?
Here are a few trends that I can get on board with this season (hint, some of this you may see in our upcoming collections as well): 
Trend #1 is Perfectly Imperfect (say yes to raw edges!) in this Vogue article entitled: See How Vogue Editors are Getting Dressed for Fashion Week.  Our new Spot on Blazers fit the bill with a rough edge that takes them from square to saucy.  Pair them with our raw edged Wide Leg Zip PantWork Skirt or Work Pant and you are hitting another trend as well: Denim on Denim (trend #3 in this InStyle article). 
Maxi Skirts and Knee Length Pencil Skirts are both on the docket this season.  We just recently introduced the Sloan Skirt as I was inspired by what I was seeing on the runway and I believe it's a great elevated classic that can boost your wardrobe for years to come.  You'll be excited to hear that a denim Sloan is in the works for this coming collection (again, two for one!).  On the maxi side, the Any Ocassion Skirt has been available in store for a few seasons.  I guess we were ahead of the curve on that one!
Mesh and Sheers.  I've always been a sucker for anything slightly see-through so to see they are both on trend this summer makes my heart sing. We already have the aforementioned Censored Top in the line up, along with our black and white mesh Scarlets and more mesh is on the way (namely a salmon colored Muscle Tee).  Plus, the new Simone Tops have that little dotted mesh insert that allow just enough "reveal" to keep things interesting... 

Curious to read more?  Here are a few articles to easily distract you for a bit: 
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