The Price of Eggs

The Price of Eggs

It’s not just eggs that are getting more expensive...have you noticed that our prices have been inching up lately too?  Like everyone else, we are not immune to inflation, and like everyone else to stay in business we need to increase our prices.  We need to pay for the 8.7% COLA increase that we are giving our team (I want to do it, but yikes!), we need to pay for the 3rd new door in that many years, we need to pay for rising fabric costs, and rising costs to go BUY fabric… every facet of the business is touched by inflation.  

Many of our clients get it, but some do not. And why would they if we are not educating them on what it takes to do what we do?  So we have decided to begin assembling a campaign to tell you!  We promise to make it interesting, informative, honest (at times painfully so), and perhaps even funny.  So we invite you to come along on our journey and follow us on social media, continue to follow our blog, and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Lastly, there is one favor that we ask of you… tell your friends about Garnish if you think they would be interested in our beautiful pieces. Thank you in advance and thank you for caring for us and showing us in all of the beautiful ways that you do. Your photos, your emails, your texts really picked us up during what has been a kind of rough week.  Spread the word (referals are the best) and keep that love coming our way! We truly love you too!

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