We're thrilled to give you the FIRST official sneak peek at the newest collaboration to hit Portland! For the past few months, Erica has been teaming up with local PDX artist Jasper York on a collection that beautifully merges two different art forms - feminine, raw hand rendered paintings with the structural silhouettes of Garnish.  The idea was sparked last fall when Max McDermott from Artslandia, helped us shoot our stylist appointment video and then mentioned to Erica that his mom was an amazing artist in her own right.  It only took a few scrolls through her Instagram for Erica to instantly fall in love.
To begin the collaboration, Erica met with Jasper and they discussed Garnish designs and paintings that might pair well together.  Then Jasper created a series of custom pieces for Garnish so Erica could play with her very own Jaspers that had never been released.  The paintings were scanned in to produce digital renditions and from there the two worked together to create original textiles using both scatter printing and engineered prints.

For some silhouettes they created a scatter print from a single Jasper painting.  This is created by taking the digitized artwork and using Photoshop to clone it and place it at juxtaposing angles, thereby revealing an all over repeated print.  The print is then placed into pattern pieces and sent to a local fabric printing studio.  At the studio, they will create a marker (a layout of all of the pattern pieces to yield the best use of the fabric) and print from there.  The process they use is a no water process called sublimation dye wherein the artwork is first printed on a type of paper and then heat pressed onto the fabric (see photo below).
For illustrations with one large painting the placement is so specific that we used engineered printing to ensure each face is perfectly cropped within each size pattern piece.  To do this, Erica sent digital patterns to Jasper and had her scale the artwork to the bodices of each size.  Those digital files then went to the print studio and underwent the same process as with the scatter printed pieces. 

Of course, everything in this collection is not only printed but sewn right here in Portland. From start to finish, we're keeping it all local! If there's one way to truly embody Portland art in your wardrobe, it would be through these thoughtfully conceptualized pieces.

Garnish x Jasper York. Set to release early February.

Stay tuned! 

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