Shift Into Style Fashion Show - Highlights

Shift Into Style Fashion Show - Highlights

What an exciting start to the new year it has been! Our whirlwind step into January started off with a feature in yet another fashion show: Shift Into Style 2019. We had the honor of sending models down the runway in some of the newest pieces to hit the shop, and we got to do it alongside so many of our favorite designers here in PDX. The setup of the show was truly one of a kind - taking place at Mercedes Benz of Wilsonville, Shift Into Style was a unique intertwinement of fabric, metal and local talent. We've never seen anything like it before and we were truly honored to participate.

Many thanks to the photographers on hand who took so many great shots of the looks! Below is a roundup of the outfits we showcased, featuring photography from Dan Webb, Ron Hope, Toan LeStephan Partipilo and Dien Do. Each image links back to the photographer that took the shot. To shop the outfit, simply reference the details listed underneath the picture.

Lastly, thanks to Rineau Marketing for putting together this event! 

Outfit details for featured image above: Bridget Coat, Fiona Skirt, Scarlet Top, Kim White French Curve Belt, Triple Strand Necklace

Shop The Look: Katara Dress (Pre-order: (503) 954-2292), Oh So Obi Belt

Shop The Look: Fade To Light Dress, Leather Tie Belt

Shop The Look: Scarlet Top, Natalya Jacket, Kim White Double Ring Belt, Triple Strand Necklace

Erica's Look: Scarletta Dress, Kim White French Curve Belt, Agate Necklace

Kate's Look: Fiona Skirt, Kim White Double Ring Belt, Commando Butter Cami (Call to order: (503) 954-2292)

Pic above by Dien Do

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