Out of Africa: Namibia 2022

Out of Africa: Namibia 2022

For three weeks in June and July, my hubby (the best damn trip planner ever) and my two adventurous children (Gwendolyn, age 11 and Everett, age 8) camped our way through Namibia. It's tucked above South Africa on the western side of the continent. It was their winter so although it was a bit windy and oh so dry, the temps were perfect, the scenery fantastic, and the wildlife unforgettable!
For me, being in nature is so many things: an elixir, a chance to decompress, a chance to gather my thoughts and ideas, a chance to savor the moment. This trip provided all of the above.  How can you look at these gorgeous zebras and not feel supercharged with design inspiration!  And there is nothing quite like hunkering down at a watering hole and waiting an hour to see giraffes emerge from the brush and cautiously make their way to the water's edge for a drink.  Such a huge and mighty animal, but they are keenly aware of how exposed they are and thererfor don't take that risk lightly. 
I was also struck by the variety and sheer number of animals that would gather at a watering hole... the scenes we experienced felt straight from a Disney movie - I could hardly believe they happen in real life!
Then there is the scenery!  From gorgeous windswept dunes to grassy plains with undulating mountains, the soft colors were captivating and I feel like I could build collections upon collections inspired by the colors alone.  
Of course I took over a thousand photos so if the tip of the sand dune is not enough to satiate your curiosity, pop on by the shop to see more in person, or see my favorite 50 photos by following this link. Here are a few more though to wet your whistle... 

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  • Francine Read

    So beautiful. What an adventure…..

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