Meet Megan Carle

Meet Megan Carle

I recently had the pleasure of meeting, styling, and photographing Megan Carle and she is a blast!  Megan won a stylist appointment at a charity auction and decided it was time for a refresh.  She was tired of the "Covid-sweatpant phase" and needed to feel her fabulous self again so in she came.  We sat down and asked her a few questions... I think you'll enjoy the answers.

We hear you are writing a book, tell us about it.

What an undertaking!! It’s a book about workplace culture, healthy and unhealthy markers, and what happens when those unhealthy behaviors pile up. My hope is that it will shine a light on a subject and experience that is known as “the undiscussable,” while providing targets with a blueprint of how to identify bullying in the workplace and a playbook for what to do about it. 

And if you are not currently experiencing bullying in the workplace, can you still gleam some nuggets from it? 

With 73 million people experiencing workplace bullying, chances are if you’re not a target, you’ve witnessed it or you’ve heard about it. My hope is that we can all help each other out with more information, connection, and empathy.  

Bullying certainly is not limited to the workplace… do you have a mantra that you endorse for dealing with a bully? 

Yes—It’s not about you (the target).

(I think this should be her book jacket photo, don't you??)

When you are not writing what can we find you doing? 

I consult with brands in various capacities, as well as provide executive coaching. I spend a lot of time watching my teen children’s soccer and volleyball games. I love listening to music, seeing a great show, walking our dog, Blue, and hopping on the Peloton.

What are you most proud of in regards to your career over the years? 

My passion and curiosity for the people and the work and that I was able to show my children what it means to work and learn. 

What or who inspires you?

Oh boy. My children. My husband. A great song. A beautiful day in the PNW. 

What does success look like?

Health and happiness for those I hold dear. 

How do you confront your fears (about life, about work, about yourself)?

I’m a dive-through-the-portal-of-fear type of person. Most of the time. It’s the only way. And then other times I’m a pull-the-covers-over-my-head person!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

The win is walking away. 

What is your superpower? 

Fierce protection of my children and family. And a great left hand drive to the bucket. 

What is the one lesson you keep trying to learn, but struggle with? 

I am worthy.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self? 

Ask for help. You need it. 

We’re so curious to know what book is on your bedside table at the moment?

Audience-ology by Kevin Goetz about testing movies pre-release. For movie buffs and marketers, it’s a great read. In the queue: Mastering Civility by Christine Porath. Always nearby: Nicholas Sparks, Jodi Picoult, and of course Emily Giffin. 

And what podcasts do you listen to, what websites do you read with great regularity?

I love 10,000NOs with Matt del Negro and The Plot Thickens with Ben Mankiewicz.  Also Mandy Lehto - Enough and Travia Steward - Breakthrough.


Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, and always, always, always TLC

What is a funny little secret about you that you are willing to reveal? 

In my mind, I am still a high school basketball player. 

Tell us about your style before walking into Garnish. 

Non-existent. Very covid-chic. Back in the day, I loved a simple look that combined feminine with tomboy/rocker. A waxed jean with a feminine blouse, jacket and acne boot. A floral dress with a leather jacket and boot. I am not a shopper. I love a template to follow.

How has your style evolved over the years? 

Evolved or eroded?! I just have a different uniform. Very casual. 

How has raising children affected your style? 

I buy larger sizes!

And how has your sense of confidence changed over time? 

When I worked, I felt like I “suited up” each day and I really enjoyed that. As I transitioned out of fast-paced, hard-charging corporate life, my confidence took a hit and it was reflected in my style choices. I disappeared a bit. 

When you want to feel fabulous and confident, what do you put on? 

My Grandma Regis’s fur coat over a Liberty of London dress, beautiful heels and Creed perfume. 

What is the best style advice you have ever received? 

Don’t pluck your eyebrows. 

Do you have a style icon? 

Anything by Isabel Marant. 

What is your favorite body part and why? 

My eyes. (and those unplucked brows). 

How did you discover Garnish?

I was the winning bid at a school auction for a style consult and I finally treated myself to it. I’m so glad I did. It really put the kick back into my style step. 

And what about Garnish will keep you coming back? 

Garnish is a gem of a place run by a jewel called Erica. The pieces are simple, stylish, and made with care. Plus the vibe of the boutique is very cool. 

You recently did a bit of a style reboot with us, what prompted that and what came out of it? 

I finally had enough of the covid-sweatpant phase and thought it was beyond time to show myself some self-love. I am so glad I did. I went in with a very narrow idea of my style and came away with so much more. Working with Erica reminded me that I used to really enjoy getting dressed for work. She reintroduced me to a part of me that I had shelved.  

What is the piece you are most wearing from your stylist appointment? 

I left with three things: confidence, my curves, and the piece I’m wearing the most is a black skirt, which is hilarious to me, because I think my opening line to Erica during our consult was, “I don’t wear skirts!” I love it!

What do you wish we would add to our collection? 

I’m all about the one-stop shopping so maybe eggs, milk, bread? Erica has it figured out!!



  • Cheryl Henley

    I played basketball with Megan. Cracked me up to read her comment about bball…I hear you on that one!! She looks just the same as I remember, and for sure a little ball of sunshine with a wicked awesome laugh!

  • Emily

    Love this and those two pants outfits look kick ass on you lady!

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