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HOW TO MATCH BRIGHT COLORS: Garnish Tips and Tricks

This season, we invite you to try unexpected color combinations that you have never dared to try before. Here’s how to masterfully combine the brightest colors while still feeling as comfortable as possible.

There are some days when you want more drastic style changes. For example, try an unexpected style of clothing or a combination of the most catchy colors that will definitely stand out from the crowd. At first, such experiments may scare you, especially if you have never worn bright shades before. The same rule applies here as with red lipstick. If you have not used it every day before, the reflection in the mirror may shock you at first. After a while, however, you will look quite familiar. And after a dozen appearances in public, you will no longer perceive yourself differently. The same thing happens with style experiments: the main thing is to start, and then you will be unstoppable. For those who are just getting started with color, we have compiled a simple instruction in five tips on how to combine the brightest shades without feeling uncomfortable. 

Try different shades of the same color 

Instead of explosive combinations of several colors, try different tones of the same color. For example, combine a dusty pink sweater with a fuschia midi skirt. This way your outfit will be more interesting while the look will not be overly eye-catching.

Mix bright colors with white or black

Bright shades have a magical property: they can be self-sufficient in a look and at the same time perfectly compliment other dominant tones. If you want to put two bright shades in one look, and understand that the third one will be superfluous, mix them with black or white. For example, a bright pink hoodie can be mixed with classic black pants and a bright sleeveless sweater can be combined with a white long sleeve underneath.

Start with subdued tones

If you can’t decide on a bright red yet, try burgundy shades to start with. If hot pink seems too bold for you, try on a dusty pink shade. Such muted shades seem more restrained in everyday life.

Bright accessories

Accessories are an important part of any outfit. They help to make the look complete and place the necessary accents. A great way to dilute a monochrome look is to put on a bright belt. Today, the belt is most often worn over clothing. Therefore, the choice of accessory should be approached with great care. Try to mix a black dress with a thin red belt to make your outfit more impressive and original.


Most often, colorful dresses are chosen by cheerful romantics. Some people think that dresses with a colorful pattern fit only slender figures. In fact, this is absolutely not the case - this kind of a dress will fit any body type if you choose the right style. Even if you are used to dressing up in monochrome colors, try to wear a multicolor cocktail dress or top. In this outfit you will surely attract admiring glances.

You just need to start, because over time experiments with color will open up your options and expand your style. Before you know, it will become a second nature.

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