Happy 14th Birthday Garnish!

Happy 14th Birthday Garnish!

Garnish is turning 14! Our 14 year anniversary is THIS FRIDAY, 7/27 and you know we'll be celebrating in style! Stop by the shop for mimosas and more as we ring in another year the way we know best - styling our Garnish Gals and having a blast!

With another year in the books, it was only fitting that we reflect on some core values of the shop and think back to what makes Garnish, Garnish. One value that we hold near to our heart is inclusivity. When we make a Garnish piece, we want to ensure that it looks amazing on a wide range of shapes and sizes. And while it can be tricky for a small, independent boutique to cater to this, it's genuinely important to us.  

Take our classic Sophie dress above. Each Gal pictured is wearing one of the sizes that it's available in, all coming together to display the full size range of the dress. And all across the board, we think they look pretty darn amazing. In recent pieces, we've even started to included size 2XL (and an occasional 2XS) in an effort to stay true to our mission.  We're proud to dress women of many sizes, because we want everyone to feel like their best selves when they walk through the Garnish doors!

Which brings us to our final note. As a client of Garnish, thank YOU for all of your amazing support! Nothing makes us happier than growing our community and making women feel like the absolute stunners that they are. In addition to having the privilege of dressing you, we're also forever grateful for all of the love, support and encouragement. We wouldn't be ringing in 14 years this week if it weren't for our Garnish Gals, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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