Garnish Lifestyle Photoshoot at Catherine Freshley's Art Studio

Garnish Lifestyle Photoshoot at Catherine Freshley's Art Studio

Catherine Freshley

 We had the immense pleasure of doing a lifestyle photoshoot at Catherine Freshley's Art Studio in April! Catherine graciously opened up her studio for us to bring in our mom and daughter models, Debbi and Isabel, for a fun shoot in amongst her art work. Her bright and swoon-worthy paintings totally stole the show as you can see from the pictures! Be sure to check out her pieces here ( We promise you won't be disappointed!

Mood Board Catherine Freshley
Mood Board Garnish

 A mood board mash up! During the photoshoot, Erica snapped a quick picture of Catherine's mood board hanging in her studio and contrasted it to her own in the Garnish studio. See any differences? Similarities? 

Catherine's Painting Sketches

Often inspired by color combinations in the real world, Catherine sketches her ideas in miniature before diving into a full sized canvas.  Here's an example of some of her mini paintings in her sketchbook. Her work with color is both playful and sophisticated.

Errands Denim Dress and Updraft Linen Dress

Garnish clients, Isabel Saltzman and Debbi Saltzman fearlessly jumped into their first modelling gig, showing several looks from our latest collection, including the Chambray Errands Dress, the Updraft Dress in Essaouira Blue, and Carolyn Silk Dress in Drip.  It was lovely to see their connection and how they supported each other as they explored this new experience. 

Isabel Saltzman in the Carolyn Silk Dress


Debbi Salzman in the Updraft Linen Dress

Below Isabel is modelling the freshly (pun intended) released Kat Zipper Dress while Debbi looks stunning in the Updraft Jumpsuit.  

Zipper Maxi Dress and Updraft Denim Jumpsuit
Paul Rudolf

Our very own, Paul Rudolph, looking dapper per usual! He unintentionally wore the perfect sweater (or knowing Paul INTENTIONALLY wore the perfect sweater;) to accentuate Catherine's paintings and we're all happy about that. 

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