Once the holidays are in full swing, thousands of people storm shopping malls and online stores in search of the desired gifts for their loved ones. Some look forward to this tradition, but for others the choice of gifts is a difficult dilemma - how to make sure that the recipient will like the gift? Plus - we would like to believe some of you are really trying to shop with Garnish and other local shops and not at the malls.

Today we will talk about how to choose the right clothing as a gift. Many people find that gifting clothes is very complicated, be it guessing the correct size or really concentrating on the person's likes or dislikes. Let's take a closer look at how we can solve them.

Who can you gift clothes to?

Let's call a spade a spade... many people prefer to choose a wardrobe on their own (others hate to shop!?!), but if you know a person well then you can surprise them with something fresh from your perspective. Therefore, we advise you to give clothes only to your closest relatives (mother, children, spouse) or best friends as you will have an idea of their taste, preferences, and size (check some of the labels in their closet). Clothes as a gift to a distant cousin or boss is a bit more risky. If you want to surprise your colleagues with a gift related to fashion but don't know their style for sure, booking a Garnish private stylist appointment for them might be a fun option.

How to choose the right clothes?

 Remember a few important life hacks:

- If the person has repeatedly spoken out about the fact that striped dresses are terrible, don't try to change their minds (even if you think they would rock stripes). Try looking at the clothing you're considering gifting through their eyes. 

- Make sure to read the fabric label, even if you do not pay attention to these when buying your own clothes. Synthetic fabrics can cause unpleasant allergic reactions for some folks. And some folks are all about easy-care garments as opposed to their "dry clean only" counterparts. Consider all of these as you select your gifts.

- Ask the shop what their return and exchange policy is (just in case your gift doesn't work out).

How to properly wrap clothes?

- Remove (or obscure) the price from the price tag (without taking the price tag off the garment).

- In no case should you throw away the receipt from the item until the person has tried it on, but do not give the receipt along with the gift. If it doesn't fit, you can give your loved the receipt so they have the opportunity to exchange it for a different size. 

- Even when it is recommended to wash clothes before wearing, do not do it yourself. Your loved one will wash it if necessary.

- Wrap the clothes in a box with ribbon and other decorative ornaments or place in a bag with tissue. (Garnish can wrap gifts purchased in the store for you!)

What if you still do not know the size or taste of your loved one?

Gift Certificate:

Almost all stores now provide the opportunity to issue a gift certificate. You can save yourself the pain of choosing by giving a gift certificate. 

Shopping Together:

private shopping party is a great way to spend time with friends, family, or colleagues. Sip wine as designer Erica Lurie and her stylists select outfits for you and your entourage at your own private gathering!

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