Garnish Gal Profile - Meet Jeanette!

Garnish Gal Profile - Meet Jeanette!

Oh how we love our Garnish Gals. Continuing with our behind-the-scenes profiles of our client models, we're thrilled to introduce you all to the lovely Jeanette! Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of meeting her at one of our private shopping parties. She was such a wonderful client right off the bat and also happened to look fabulous in EVERYTHING. We're thrilled to have her as both a member of the Garnish community and now, as one of our amazing models. Here are some facts about her!

What do you like to do with your free time?
I volunteer, tend my witchy herb garden, and try to keep balance in the home.

What do you/did you do in your professional life?
I am an intuitive energy healer in my professional life. My own healing journey led me on a path to energy work 30 years ago. It resonated so deeply that I felt like I had found my mother tongue!

What brings you joy in your life?
Bollywood dancing is just about the greatest thing ever. It makes me feel joyous from the tip of my little toes all the way to my fingertips.

How and when did you first discover Garnish?
I attended a fundraising event for Ninety-nine girlfriends at Garnish in January and was surprised to see innovative designs and styles that actually looked good on me. I'd been plotting to go to this boutique with a girlfriend and this fundraiser seemed like a great opportunity to check it out. I'm so glad that I did.

How has Garnish impacted your style or fashion sense?
It has encouraged me to take greater risks with my style. It is easy to get comfortable and not stretch with fashion as you get older. Garnish gave me the freedom to step confidently into something fresh and stylish. I felt like I could play with my clothing, and I haven't felt that in a while.

What is your favorite Garnish piece in your current wardrobe?  How and where do you like to wear it?
I love the Vixen dress, but for everyday - my python pants are my favorite! They're sleek, sexy and stylish. I dress them up, and I dress them down. You can't go wrong in this pair.

Was this your first time modelling? How did it feel? Was it easier or harder than you expected?
I have done a fashion show in years past, but I've never done a shoot like this with just me and the camera flashing every 3 seconds. It was intimidating! I channeled my two teenage girls though and imaged what they would do (think America's Next Top Model). That helped me to relax and enjoy this crazy moment. (Plus, the music helped!)

What piece did you feel best in when you modeled? (And if you like to include why please go for it.)
I loved the Vixen dress. It felt comfortable, sexy, versatile and easy to dance in. What more could I want?

Thanks Jeanette! xoxo

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