Early Spring has Dropped!  And it will inspire you to live a little.

Early Spring has Dropped! And it will inspire you to live a little.

Why get DRESSED these days?  And HOW?  There are far too many reasons not to wear "real clothes" these days.  "We're in the middle of a pandemic, I'm not at my ideal weight, I have nowhere to go", yada, yada.  The other day a client was in and when she looked in the mirror before trying anything on she said "I can't believe I left the house in these clothes."  Well, it's high time you hit the refresh button and upped your style game, if not for any other reason than to make you feel better!  And if you ask me, that is all the reason you need.
Our early spring collection is just what the doctor ordered.  "But Spring?" you say?  Therein lies the beauty of this collection... it's perfect for now, for three months from now, or for fall - it's all in how you style it!  And lucky for you, you know some great stylists that can show you how.  Read on for some tips....
Tip #1: Layering!
Layering can help you achieve so many things... conveying the season, dressing a piece down, providing warmth or allowing you to strip down if you are too warm.  Let's look more closely at a couple of these.
Spring pieces can often be worn in the cooler months if you pile them on correctly. And try to think out of the box (or we can do it for you)... the middle photo features the Cowl Neck Zip Dress as a VEST!  Invest in some great undergarments like high quality camisoles, faux leather leggings, and layering long sleeve tops to help.  
Layering can also dress a piece down (something we might be inclined to do these days).  Throw a denim jacket over just about anything and you are never overdressed.  Our Summer Jacket demonstrates this well in the first image.  
Tip #2: Accessorize appropriately
Accessories can tell quite the story.  You can use color, weight, or even texture to convey a season.  See how the outfit on the left feels more appropriate for cooler weather (and quite frankly IS more appropriate for cooler weather) with a scarf?  Now look at the middle image... the necklace lightens up the look and brings it into warmer days.  
Footwear can do the same thing.  Boots, booties, etc now, sandals, white tennis shoes in a couple months.  
Tip #3: Dress for YOU
Gone are the days when you had all these "rules" to follow for fashion.  One of the great things about now is that anything goes!  I've been reading about this in fashion magazines and I love it.  There has never been a better time to take some chances in your fashion... try that print mix that you've been a little intimated by, show your personality if your inclined to.  And if all of this just sounds far too scary just come on in, we'll not only put together outfits that feel like the very best version of you, but we'll also give you tips to do it on your own at home!  Getting dressed in the morning should empower you, not overwhelm you.  And we're here to help.  

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