You know it, you love it: Little Boxes!  It's back in a big way - like win a trip to Hawaii, San Fransisco, or San Diego way.  Oh bummer, so maybe you don't win the grand prize, but you win a $600 shopping spree instead, poor you. 

Here are the dets:

Date: Friday and Saturday, November 27th and 28th

Time: 10 - 6 (yup, that's an hour earlier for us, but we'll be bright-eyed!)

Rules: Full details and rules are available at the Little Boxes website

Passports: Physical passports are available now at Garnish, stop in.  Or if you're an iPhone or Android user, download the Little Boxes app for your phone to play along digitally.

Prizes: like we said... trips, shopping sprees, an I Pad, Gift certificates, the list goes on. 

What you'll find at Garnish: Our Winter Collection with tons of great gifts for your peeps (yourself being one of them, of course), new jewelry pieces, Kim White belts and bags, Coobie bras to fill everyone's stockings... it's all here folks. 

So start your day with Garnish and then discover a whole heck of a lot of other awesome local shops (like over 200).  Did we mention that if you buy from a "Little Box" you will get 10% off at the next "Little Box"? And an insider tip for being in the know at Garnish: We have an even better discount offer in the LB passport... $25 off your purchase of $100 or more.  One more reason to start at Garnish. 
See you this weekend! 

Erica and the Gals at Garnish


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