Garnish SS 2015 – The Paper Doll Collection Pt.4

paper dolls blogWe all know the old rhyme of “April showers bring May flowers.” But Portland weather has lately had its own agenda. With some showers scattered throughout the next week (along with spurts of sunshine!) we wanted to present a piece long enough to keep your legs warm when it’s cold and that’s hemmed with a slit that not only screams fashion but will keep you cooler in the warmer temperatures. Without further ado… the Fiona skirt…   blueflowertop Shown here with our Madeline top in Garden Blues, the Fiona in Denim is quite complimentary. This Madeline is done up in cotton - a cooling fabric. We suggest this pairing for more “fair weather” days. The two speak more of the “May flowers” portion of the rhyme. A look this cute can be worn to the office or out to brunch without compromising style or time. blog3 You’ve seen Jacqueline in Avignon before, no doubt, but we bring her back today with our Fiona skirt to remind you that Fiona can easily be worn on days when the weather can’t quite make up it’s mind. Jacqueline breathes easy, and so does Fiona. With an added jacket or blazer and tank top beneath Jacqueline, your outfit goes from breezy to bundled quickly. Wear this pair all day or night long; it’s easy styling for any occasion. fionaskirtblack Lastly, our Francois jacket in Parisian Bistro pairs perfectly with our Fiona in Black. Reds and blacks paired together always create a more daring look, and with the print of Francois already eye-catching, the black of Fiona sits nicely beneath it. This Madeline - we call it Tarte -ties it all together.  Francois can be tied in the back for an open look or around the waist when the wind picks up. Pack your favorite shades and wear this look rain or shine.   Fiona is available in Denim and Black and is ready for whatever the occasion may be. Come into Garnish and try her on today!   xoxo Dolls!

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