Garnish SS 2015 - The Paper Doll Collection

paper-dolls-blog     Our collection this spring is so much more than just a piece here and a piece there… it was created to have each piece collaborate with another, or four others! In this way we have come up with the concept of picturing yourself as a paper doll. We invite you to 'Be a Doll' this season and see how well each item pairs with the next. With that said, we would like to introduce to the Jacqueline Top… blog1 She boasts flirty drawstring ties on either side for an adjustable wear throughout the day. In the print Avignon, she pairs wonderfully with reds - like our Hazel Pant in Flame. With Hazel, she reminds us of the days when the sun is warm, but the occasional breeze means we want a little coverage from the cold with the freedom of fabric to breathe in the heat. Hazel also comes in a Marseille Navy that compliments the undertones in the pigment of Jacqueline. blog2 Soon, you'll meet the Tennille Skirt. She’s soon to be released and sure to delight. In linen, like the Hazel Pant, she breathes in the heat. This skirt will be available in both Flame and Navy linen. Tennille is paired with Jacqueline for those days the heat just won’t quit and you require fabric with flow and breathability. Style and function going hand in hand is key! blog3 Prefer a cotton blend? No problem. We’ve got the Fiona Skirt for you in both black and navy. Fiona’s a bit more sophisticated, and ideal for business lunches on rainy spring days - throw a blazer or jacket over your Jacqueline and still get to look great. blog4 When you’ve got errands to run and a day on the town with friends planned after, the Celeste Short in chocolat really hits those Bohemian notes. Celeste is versatile and comfortable enough to run around all day and night in. Just throw on a necklace and voila!   With this many options for one piece, there’s no going wrong. The Jacqueline Top is oh-so-RIGHT! Stop in the shop or go online and pick her up in the color Avignon today!  

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