Authentic Beauty - Guest Blogger Katherine Johnson

“Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.”  -G. Bruce Boyer

No matter how different we may be as individuals, we all share the ritual of getting dressed everyday. Whether we are aware of it or not, what we wear communicates something about who we are. It acts as a microphone — announcing who we are to the world. It is a powerful communication that reflects how we feel about ourselves and affects how people respond to us. We all have the ability to live in our brightest light, sharing our true beauty with the world and attracting the people that are a good match for us, both professionally and personally. The process of self-exploration and discovery that I share with my clients helps them to understand how to show up fully in all areas of their lives. Our personal style is a way to say who we are without speaking. It comes from knowing who we are and having the confidence to embrace and express this sense of self. Our style is a vehicle of self-expression and it affords us the opportunity to celebrate ourselves, bringing intention and magic to the start of each day. The power of this intention has the potential to be magnetic. We all have many roles to balance in life - daughter, mother, wife, athlete, friend, professional, partner — it can be wonderful but also at times confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes my clients feel they have lost touch with who they really are and have become uncertain about how to authentically express themselves. We use the colors, design lines, patterns and fabrics that are in harmony with their essential energy to light them up. Many clients have described this experience as a feeling of “coming home.” Showing up as your best dressed self starts with loving your whole self. By giving yourself permission to be more of yourself, you connect with the power and beauty that has been within you all along. Good things are possible when you are completely aligned inside and out. When we know ourselves we can adorn ourselves with the clothes and accessories that express our unique inner essence. When we feel good and have confidence sharing our authentic beauty, we make better choices, we exude more confidence, and people react positively to us. I encourage you to embrace your style as a way to step into your essential beauty and radiate out your unique signature so that the world is lit up by your brightness. I want the world to see and take notice of the authentic YOU. “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde DSC_5492Rthird

Katherine Johnson is founder and owner of SPARK: IGNITE YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE. Learn more about her work at


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