by Erica Lurie As the year gets ready to take it's final bow and the new year prepares to make it's debut, we turn our minds toward renewal. When we look to the future, we inevitably seek for betterment. As women in a society that far too greatly values a very specific esthetic, we too often look to change ourselves to meet those "guidelines." I would hate to venture a guess about how many women are making a new year's resolution to lose 10 pounds, trim down the "baby belly," ditch their "thunder thighs," or say goodbye to their "theater arms." (As I looked inquisitively at a customer who described her arms as such, she politely informed me that they were so big that you could watch a movie on them. They, of course, were not very big at all.) And though I hear all matters of self-degradation by my customers and it makes me frustrated and sad, I am not entirely immune to it myself. Though not riddled with body hang-ups, I do have a couple that I have to consciously keep in check. My beautiful, strong legs - of which I am quite proud - have a Varicose vein "marring" my shin, but I've vowed to not let it stop me from showing them off, for these are the legs that take me on great adventures. And although my flat-as-a-pancake belly never quite returned after having Everett (as it did after giving birth to Gwendolyn), I remind myself that this is the belly that gave me two amazing children who make me smile at the mere mention of their names. photo I know that as I get older and my body changes more, it will only get harder to make peace with the changes. But I HAVE to... I have to for myself and I have to for my kids. How can Gwendolyn grow up with a positive body image if all she hears is me complaining about my belly sticking out? How will Everett view women if he hears the same rhetoric? It's just not something that I want to propagate. I challenge you this year to not pick yourself apart. I challenge you to love your whole self. Love your "baby bellies" for the babies they have given you. Love your "thunder thighs" for the places the have taken you. Love your "theater arms" for the things they have picked up along the way. Love your crooked nose for the smells it allows you to enjoy. And by gosh love your knees!!!! Here's to change...of perspective... in 2015. Do you accept the challenge? Take a photo of yourself and the body part of you love most - or are learning to love most - and tag it! #loveyourwholeself     We'd love to see your posts on Instagram! @garnishapparel

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