My Not-So-Secret Love

by Nicole Prevost As much as I love modern things, I have a not-so-secret LOVE of vintage, especially vintage clothing. The style, the fabrics, the construction of vintage dresses and coats make me swoon! So it was with great pleasure I treated a girlfriend to last weekend's holiday fashion show at Xtabay Vintage. xtabay1 The ladies of Xtabay showed off the most exquisite pieces from the last century. There were gasps of delight and wonder each time a lovely model came out in a glorious gown. My friend and I have already decided we're making this an annual holiday outing. xtabay2   xtabay3 Almost as fabulous as the show itself was the arrival of the guests. You see, attendees were asked to dress up for the occasion, and they did not disappoint! My friend M wore a mod dress from the 60s, while I pulled out my most cherished dress, a black silk beaded gown from the 1920s. Besides being a thing of beauty, the reason I most love the dress is because someone long ago darned a hole in the dress. And no, it wasn't a rip in some hardly seen place - this hole is at the very top front of the bodice. xtabay4 It may be hard to see in the photo, but this repair work is the type hardly done anymore - if ever! Basically, someone tried to recreate the fabric with the teeniest stitches and weaving possible. I just love that this gown wasn't thrown out, even with a flaw in such a prominent place. These well-made pieces were loved, were valued...they've got staying power. We feel the same way about the pieces we've got in the shop. With great fabrics and well-made pieces, we hope you wear Garnish garments again and again. I know we do. Day 1 - 12 Looks of Xmas

 Alexandra Dress

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