Haute (Couture) Holidays!

by Nicole Prevost This week's not-so-snowy, a little bit icy, definitely COLD blast of early winter weather seemed like the perfect time for us to spruce up for the holidays. HauteCoutureHolidays1   First, Miss Do-It-All Erica gathered the pine boughs from her property. She thinned out some overgrowth and felled a tree! HauteCoutureHolidays2   Next, she drew on her background in sculpture  and crafted skirts for our ladies out of chicken wire. We then got to work. A little like draping slopers on mannequins, we let the branches dictate how the skirts would look. HauteCoutureHolidays3   Sticking with the theme of creating finery from humble items, we draped the bodices in natural burlap. Satin ribbons pulled the looks together. HauteCoutureHolidays4   Twinkly lights, some of the jewelry made in-house, and our Haute (Couture) Holidays are ready! They've already received great responses from people strolling by. If you can, come and take a look. HauteCoutureHolidays5

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