Garnish Turns 10!

Looking back over the past 10 years it is amazing to see the growth and progress of Garnish.  With a constant eye on the future, I often neglect to look back on where the business started and take a moment to appreciate all that I have learned and accomplished.  Today as I was gathering photos of the many incarnations of my studios and shops I was rather overcome with the memories and milestones of my business and passion. Many of my customers have been shopping with me since the early days and remember the times when I was vending my wares on the streets of Last Thursday (before I had a proper retail shop on the street).  Their closets reflect the evolution of Garnish just as the below images do.  So for all my customers, both veteran and new, to you I give thanks... thanks for coming along on this journey with me, for supporting me through recessions, and celebrating with me at times like this.  Without you there would be no Garnish.  To you I am forever indebted and grateful.  I look forward to the next 10 years and the joys, challenges, and accomplishments they will bring.  And most of all, I look forward to spending that time with you, my beloved customers!

ActiveSpace-2004 Active Space 2005 - First Studio Space ActiveSpace-2004-inside

Active Space 2005 - The dressing rooms were made of recycled doors


Alberta Opens October 2006 - Our first real retail store


Alberta Remodel Fall 2009 - a nice distraction from the tanking ecomony! Photos by Jasmine Photography


Pearl Opens June 2012


Alberta Remodel 2012


Pearl Today

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