Blasé and Cherries


Who wants to be blasé when it comes to what to wear this Fall? Not us!  Indifference is just another word for lazy or lack of imagination. Here at Garnish we were inspired by all the wonderful northwest cherries we were eating by the handfuls to help kick off our Fall design meeting. (How lucky are we ladies, to have an abundance of these decadent stone fruits at our farmers markets?!) When you consider a cherry, there is nothing blasé about this fruit. From the moment you bite into one you get a pop of flavor, whether it’s tart, tangy, sweet, or juicy. This fruit does not disappoint. We were thinking about this for awhile and it occurred to us to infuse a little flavor, a little pop as we call it, into our Fall Collection. Garnish’s first wave of Fall showcases lots of juicy color. Starting with electric blue, teal, citron, navy, green and grey. We are giving your wardrobes something bold to stand on. There is a little 60’s influence with some vibrant jacquard mini skirts. Don’t you want to get as much sun on those legs, for as long as possible? The Nina dress is offered in Citron plaid silk twill, very spunky. Garnish revealed a new coat style for this collection, The Bridget Coat in two different lengths, and if you’re like us, you will want to grab one ASAP! I know I have a million places to be at once, especially when my kids go back to school, nothing says “she’s put together” like a fabulous coat! Let’s carry into Fall as the days grow shorter a little brightness from summer. Happy spirits for all! This year we won’t be blasé. This autumn we will be falling in love with the tart, tangy, sweet, and juicy new Fall wardrobe from Garnish.


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