Bolts, Samples and Tunics.

  At Garnish we absolutely love our creative process. Here's how it goes down... our design team tosses around styles and design elements while eyes feast on fabrics. Those design ideas are then finalized and fine-tuned during Erica's pattern making process. The pattern is handed off to Shannon, fabric is rolled out, and pattern pieces are placed and cut. All sorts of wonderful things happen during sample sewing phases - industrial zippers might be sewn into the garment, a strip of leather suede could be added to a seamline, facings are meticulously added and Voila! Garnish turns a bolt of fabric into a summer-in-Portland tunic! (Yay us!) Models are hired, photoshoots happen and our local stitchers start production and today, on a mild and perfectly pleasant day on the 18th of June, 2013 the Twiggy Tunics are picked up in SE Portland, we iron our little hearts out in the boutiques and they are ready. Limited quantities available that are just oozing UNLIMITED chic style. Check 'em out. Designed, sampled and sewn right here.        

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