White Label Collection by Garnish

We are super excited to introduce our new White Label Collection by Garnish!  This semi-annual collection will be inspired by the latest runway trends and may, at times, dive into new techniques we've been curious to explore.   This collection was very much influenced by its bold fabrics and at times it took on a mod twist.  This Saturday morning as the fog was still clinging to the Wilamette river we headed down to capture the nautical-inspired collection on film. To secure your favorite pieces we recommend pre-ordering by Wednesday, February 4th before the pieces go into production.  Pre-orders will be accepted on an "as available" basis after that. Special thanks to Photographer, Mark Riskedahl, Model Caitlin Green-Healy, and Chad Gearin for the use of his beautiful boat.  


  • garnish

    Thanks Lzzy517! We love our models. They do a wonderful job for us!

  • Lzzy517

    Gorgeous clothes and Model!

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