Garnish Loves: Rachel Novak

Being an independent business we come across many great resources, both within the community and our customer base. We would love to share them with you. In this edition of Garnish Loves we are shining the spotlight on one of our dearest customers, Rachel Novak, a Financial Representative at Broad River. We love Rachel and if ever you get a chance to work with her we know you would love her too!  Get to know Rachel personally: Q & A with Rachel: G:  What is your favorite thing to do in Portland? R: "Try new restaurants; when I can get a babysitter"   G: And your favorite Restaurant is? R: "Screen Door"   G: Where do you wear Garnish? R: "To work everyday!"   G: Do you have a favorite Garnish piece? R: "Red French Kiss Sylvie Dress"  (which she is wearing in the picture above!)   G: How do you style it? R: "With a black sweater and black boots"   G:  What is the most exciting thing that's happened to you in the past few years? R: "Had a baby boy, Max. It has been the most exciting and exhausting thing I've ever done!"   G: What do you like to do on the weekend? R: "Take a walk on Alberta Street and go to the park with my son or have a cup of coffee over a play date."  
Professionally, Rachel dedicates herself to helping others maintain a balanced state of financial health. She helps her clients organize their finances, identify where money is dripping off their balance sheet, and reallocate that money to build wealth and plan for a better future.  Rachel makes a positive difference in her clients' lives by taking a comprehensive approach to their financial lives. She works with her clients one-on-one to co-author strategies to enhance their financial well-being through a wide range of products and services including life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, employee benefits, college funding, wealth accumulation, retirement planning or estate design.....all leading to improved financial security.

If you are interested in the scope of work that Rachel does, her number is (503)207-4509. She would be happy to talk with you over a cup of tea…and she will probably be wearing something from Garnish!

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