Behind the Scenes: Spring Design at Garnish

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Last week the Garnish Gals gathered after hours to brainstorm designs for the early Spring Collection.  It's an interesting and challenging process bringing all of our ideas together into a cohesive line,  but it's always a lot of fun and we think we've nailed it for our upcoming collection.

[caption id="attachment_699" align="aligncenter" width="559" caption="Jade and Erica are dreaming up a bold top and skirt ensemble."][/caption]

 Our spring collection will feature sophisticated geometric prints, black and white stripes, edgy leather details, and statement fabrics in reds, royals, turquoises, and olives. We’ve tapped into the wonder of color, bold prints, and unexpected touches to bring you a plethora of fun and freshness this season.

[caption id="attachment_711" align="aligncenter" width="569" caption="Stripes and Paisleys... what will you turn into?"]Spring 2013 Fabrics [/caption]

Although we like to think of ourselves as contemporary (with a nod to vintage), we have never tried to be trendy.  But there are some trends that, when done right, are worth jumping on the band wagon for.  When we saw this big, bold geometric print it just shouted MAXI DRESS!  So we had to listen.  We are making it in two colorways, but only have enough to make 6 dresses per colorway.  So stay tuned to pre-order one as these sexy numbers might not even make it to the racks!

James Bond Geometric Print Dress
We were channeling our inner James Bond Girl for this dress!


  • garnish

    Aww thanks Libbymirande! We love what we do! And we are so excited that Michelle is still in the game and going strong! Check out the site, the new collections are now arriving in both shops and are available online. Cheers!

  • Libbymirande

    Love the inspiration for the new collection ladies! Can’t wait to see what it produces. Congratulations Michelle! Make it work and work it out girl!

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