Get to know the Garnish Team - Kate Troyer

  Questionnaire for Garnish Gals: 1. Favorite food: Wood Fired Pizza in Italy and wine (ummm is that considered a food? I think so- grapes right?l) 2. The 3 things you would take on a desert island with you:  cheese (native Wisconsinite) , a bottle of wine, and my boyfriend Brian. (probably wouldn't last too long I know, but at least I would be happy and have someone to talk to) 3. If I wasn’t so chicken I would....Move to a Vineyard in Italy 4. Your dream house would have this. -a wood burning sauna and a huge wrap around porch. 5. Best Memory - Family Cabin time 6. Worst Fear - snakes and spiders 7. If I could travel anywhere I would....go to Italy again(umm have I mentioned that I love Italy yet?! haha!), Prague, and Spain 8. Favorite Book - Still in search of that. 9. Favorite movie - Shawshank Redemption, Mystic River, and as a contrast I love any silly 80’s movies like Teen Wolf or pretty much anything with Steve Martin. 10.  The best part of my day is...a cup of coffee on the couch with my Herbinator (my corgi) 11. If you want to make my day you should....get me a massage at Dragontree! 12.  I wish more people would-  slow down and be kind to others 13. If I could have lunch with anyone from past or present it would the cuff....Frida Kahlo would be interesting  (such amazing difficulties she overcame in her lifetime) 14.  I have a soft spot for:  dogs of all kinds, but especially puppies!  I mean, come on! 15. I am going out in Portland. You are likely to see me.. 0n a patio for happy hour or at the cheap movie theatre with a beer and a slice of pizza 16.  Something most people don’t know about me - I used be a competitive snowboarder in slope-style (which is trick based)

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