Get to know the Garnish Team- Jade Carlin


1. Favorite food:

Any kind of fruit, Grits, Almonds, Hazelnut chocolate, or Sea salt caramel gelato

2. The 3 things you would take on a desert island with you:

A knife, a water filtration system, and a friend

3. If I wasn’t so chicken I would.... more.

4. Your dream house would have this.

        A sail and a rudder

5. Best Memory

        My childhood.  I grew up on a barrier island in North Florida, so every day was an adventure.

6. Worst Fear


7. If I could travel anywhere I would....

...sail around the world

8. Favorite Book

        Too many good ones to pick just one!

9. Favorite movie:

Same answer

10.  The best part of my day is...

...waking up to slobbery kisses from my dog or my husband

11. If you want to make my day you should....

        Give me Ferrero Rocher chocolates

12.  I wish more people would.... honest.

13. If I could have lunch with anyone from past or present it would be...

        ...Albert Einstein.

14.  I have a soft spot for:


15. I am going out in Portland. You are likely to see me...

        ...somewhere with a patio.

16.  Something most people don’t know about me

        I can be brutally honest.

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