Get to know the Garnish team - Shannon Swartley

Many of you who have been in Garnish know Shannon: the tall, sweet, and of course gorgeous seamstress extraordinaire!  Get to know Shannon a bit better... 1. Favorite food: cheese, bacon wrapped dates, guacamole, brussel sprouts, my mom’s chile rellenos, anything with brown butter, toasted nuts or artichokes. 2. The 3 things you would take on a desert island with you: this may not be a very exciting answer but these are things I would need to avoid going crazy:  a book, chapstick, a cute dude 3. If I wasn’t so chicken I 4. Your dream house would have this: a sauna in the backyard and an outdoor shower  5. Best Memory - a night out with Sam in Istanbul  listening to local musicians and being taught dances.  Then the bar was raided by the police and it was the one night we left the hotel without out our passports.  The locals at the bar shielded us from the commotion and took good care of us and we ate lamb kabobs.  6. Worst Fear - spiders, cancer and bears  7. If I could travel anywhere I would....go back to Italy Every time.  8. Favorite Book - The Border Trilogy by McCarthy.  9. Favorite movie - A Room with a View 10.  The best part of my day is...early morning and being the first one awake. 11. If you want to make my day you at me. Or maybe cook me food.  12.  I wish more people would (including myself...chill the fuck out) 13. If I could have lunch with anyone from past or present it would dad 14.  I have a soft spot for:  my daughters, when they are sleeping. 15. I am going out in Portland... You are likely to see Tasty N’ Sons having a plate of cauliflower, and their Ragu with a glass of white wine and chocolate potato donuts for dessert.  Or at Interurban having the cocktail “Blood and Sand” and the Chop Chop Salad.  Or at Lucca having a “Luccarita” and a margherita pizza with calabrian chilies and arugula.  Or at Laurelhurst Market having Pork and polenta and some sort of whiskey drink.  Or at The Woodsman having fries with Sirracha and a couple of Kentucky Specials.  Or at Denny’s in my pajamas having Moons over my Hammy.  Maybe at Nostrana having their raddichio salad and salted caramel dessert.  16.  Something most people don’t know about me - sorry but I am the least private person I know so most people end up knowing everything about me!

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    Hey Shannon,
    I DO know you quite well and didn’t know most of that!  It was super fun reading that and I like your choice of the potatoe donuts at Tasty N’ Sons.  Hell yeah, let’s GO!

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