52 Dresses

We were very excited to hear about the project "52 Dresses" where Portlander Ashley Riewer has pledged to challenge her creativity by designing and making a dress for each week of the year!  Not only is she incredibly ambitious to take on such a project, but we think her designs are pretty dang cute too!  For each dress she makes throughout the year, she will be selling a few of them on her etsy site!   We are so intrigued by her project that we wanted to meet her in person and find out more!  We are guessing many of you would love the chance to meet her as well!  Therefore, we are planning to host a special Garnish event in the coming weeks to showcase Ashley's project and designs so far.  Stay tuned for more detailed information, and in the meantime check out her blog to see her current dresses!  

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  • fancy

    what is her web address…?

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