Trends, Spring and Flocked Denim Fabrics

It is true we are just acclimating ourselves to winter and cozying up in our winter coats, scarves and wool skirts.  It is also true that we get to look forward to spring trends and styles and at Garnish we are contemplating upcoming designs and making plans!  The word coming out of New York is that floral fabrics will continue to be a strong presence in the transition out of winter and into the spring of 2012 and we want to share with you a visually remarkable fabric we found and just had to purchase:   a denim with a flocked red floral pattern that is bold and striking yet feminine.  Design ideas are percolating here at Garnish and we can assure you this fabric will soon be used in one of our upcoming dresses, skirts, or both.  In any case, we CAN'T WAIT!

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