New great "hot spots" in our neighborhood

Alberta Street has boomed over the past few years with new stores, restaurants, and other great businesses moving in and out of the neighborhood!  We thought we would share a few of our favorite spots that have popped up lately... We have been dying to try the new adorable ice cream stand on 18th and Alberta called Salt and Straw.  They have some very unique and interesting flavors I can't wait to check out! Also, just around the corner from us on 15th and Prescott there is a new Pok Pok Noi and Grain and Gristle.  Kate ate at Grain and Gristle the other night and claims she had the best burger as of yet in Portland!  She said, add an egg, cheese, and substitute some onion rings for an amazing indulgent burger experience!  As for Pok Pok, if you haven't experienced their fish sauce wings yet, you are absolutely missing out!  Get your little butt down there! Lastly, all of us really enjoy Thai food, so when we heard there was a new Thai restaurant called Chaba Tai opening up, we had to check it out!  We were not disappointed, but now it is hard to choose our "go to" thai restaurant!  I suppose we shouldn't complain about that! If you have any great "hot spots"  in Portland to share, please do!

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