Artist Andrea Zittel

felted dress
Smockshop project

Andrea Zittel is a contemporary artist who blends the lines between life and art. She designs products that offer ways to make our lives more efficient and sustainable without so much “stuff” bogging us down. Using modern design she designs and makes multifunctional products. For instance, she made a "living unit" that functions as a bed, dining room table, and kitchen but only occupies a small amount of space.

Andrea also embarked on a uniform project in which she wore the same outfit everyday for 6 months spanning a season. For part of this project she made a series of handmade pressed fiber uniforms. In another series, she made her own "Single Strand Uniforms' using simply her fingers to knit them! "Smockshop" was a seperate apparel project Zittel designed which was a series of smocks sewn by a community of artists, challenging the connection between fashion and function. The uniform and smock projects both raise notions of everyday use of our apparel and a suggest a more frugal alternative to design. Limiting our consumption is actually quite liberating! Andrea reminds us that we can be both smart and selective in our consumer choices. We love it!

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