Popina Swimwear

Every year about this time I start day dreaming about sunny days at the beach and looking steamy and fabulous in my new swimwear! So, I stopped in Popina swimwear the other day and was struck by how cute it is! So many women have a difficult time finding the right fit and style that flatters their body shape and size. Well ladies, look no further! The owner Pamela and her superb staff at Popina not only know their stuff, they design and make swimwear and are eager to help you find something comfortable that you feel great in! They offer a diverse range of lines, including their own line of unique retro styles from the 40s and 50s. The best part is you don't have to compromise with heavy or itchy fabrics. The ladies at Popina design using modern fabrics and construction techniques that make you feel relaxed yet sexy. Great products and personal service..I highly recommend checking it out.

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