Spring Cleaning Tips

With the change of seasons, it is time to re-evaluate your closet and think about streamlining your wardrobe. Here are some tips to get you started….

1.Go through every item of clothing and ask yourself, "would I be excited about this item if I saw it in the store today?" If the answer no, its time to get rid of it!
2.If you have a favorite garment and it is worn out (holes, stains, etc..), you should be proud that you gave it such a long life, but now it's time to say bye bye.
3.We all have clothing items that stay in our closet because, "I might be able to fit into it again...someday". We don’t want to discourage a positive outlook, so if you can't part with these items, store them someplace so you can revisit them when you lose those extra couple pounds at the end of the summer. In the meantime, don’t clutter your closet with "stuff" you know you won't be wearing in the near future.
4.Organize your closet by your dressing thought process. Do you think by color, by type of item (long sleeve shirts, skirts, dresses), etc.. This will help you to see every option you have, and wear all of you clothing rather than the same items over and over.
5.Think about possibilities for your clothing's second life...re-purposing or donating are always great options.
6.Lastly, what do you need in your wardrobe? Do you have lots of shirts, but no skirts to go with them? Do you need a really flattering and comfortable dress that you can throw on without much thought? Think about this, then stop in to see us and we will help you find the perfect item to complete your wardrobe for the Spring.

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