Fashion in Film: the ultimate inspo!

Fashion and film is the penultimate marriage of my favorites things (okay, add wine). 
Think back to when you gave yourself a makeover a la Andie in Pretty in Pink -- or countless other GREAT makeover scenes from Cinderella to Sabrina -- remember how INSPIRED you were by a "look" worn by your favorite actress? Whether it was lobbing your hair off to emulate Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, donning menswear like Annie Hall or streaking your hair like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's, we've ALL been driven to alter our wardrobe to befit our cinematic infatuation du jour. We have our Nicole black (or gray!) pencil skirt for your Roman Holiday moment, our Lillian low-slung skirt in dove gray for your Bonnie from Bonnie & Clyde day and our Eva dress for your modern-Day Working Girl look. Stop on in or make an appointment for your very own Pretty Woman experience with a Personal Styling Appointment where we can pull our favorite pieces for YOU while you kick back with a glass of vino verde or tea and feel like Julia Roberts for a day.

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