"Vacation, all I ever wanted!" (sing it like The Go-Go's)

"Vacation, all I ever wanted!" (sing it like The Go-Go's)

June is the month where most of us get ready for a Summer vacation and if you're stumped for what to pack, we've got your back! After you check the weather, plan your activities and book your tickets next is dusting off that suitcase and filling it with interchangeable pieces that make packing light easy. First up in a well-packed bag is choosing a color palette: sunny destinations sing of colors like soft pinks, dusty blues and neutrals like putty and dove grey. We suggest packing one lightweight dress that will go from day to night effortlessly when you add a linen jacket, a wrap or just a pretty scarf. Our key tip is to make sure all your bottoms -- a nice pair of jeans, a comfy skirt like the Lillian (Long or short) or the Tennille, and a pair of shorts -- go with all your tops like the Maddie. Everything should be compatible together to maximize each piece!
Day of travel, wear the only jewelry you need and the only jacket you'll wear on the plane: a pendant necklace as a statement accessory, for example, and a old jean jacket or the Francois Jacket which goes great with most outfits. Bring a big shoulder bag on the plane with your Summer read -- I just read Lauren Weedman's new book Miss Fortune and it was hilarious and heartbreaking -- perfect! Inside of your over-the-shoulder bag you should slip in a small clutch for going out on the town. Don't forget your swimsuit and don't bring too many shoes: a nice sandal wedge that's comfortable, a pair of walking sneakers and flip flop should cover all your bases.  Live it up and buy your toiletries there! It's always fun to try the local's sundries and you don't have to worry about traveling with the miserly liquid allotments. ;)  
It can be hard to pare down when you pack, but travel light, dears! You really don't
need anything more than can fit into the overhead sized bag. Trust me. I traveled to France with two suitcases and regretted all the excess. As they would say, "laisse tomber" or let it go!

~Genevieve, Shop Stylist













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